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  • Authentic NAKED  100 E LIQUID 60 ML

About the Product 

 is an exquisite flavor consisting of juicy and ripe blueberry mixed with a cream blend specifically crafted to bring out and accentuate this delicious blueberry flavor.

 over this tasty combination of a rich, sweet cream base topped with slices of rich and sweet bananas. Smooth and supremely tasty

 blends a sweet, juicy, and out of this world strawberry blend with the smoothest creams to present a perfect balance of notes.

ALL MELON- The trio of all trios. All Melon, combines the sweet and juicy taste of Watermelon, the smooth and crispiness of Honeydew, with the tangy and sweetness of Cantaloupe. All three melons are perfectly mixed for a melon lover’s dream. Leaving you refreshed and satisfied.

HAWAIIAN POG- Treat your taste buds, demand something refreshing and bright! Hawaiian POG combines the tartness of a Passion Fruit, mouthwatering Orange and the tropical flavor of a Guava giving you that perfect tropical island feel. Perfectly blended for your “all day vape”.

AMAZING MANGO- Luscious from the first to the last drop, Amazing Mango features a perfectly ripe, fresh, juicy Mango with the subtle undertones of a Peach infused cream. An all day vape without comparison, each inhale and exhale will have you wanting more.

LAVA FLOW- Transport your taste buds with Lava Flow, a flavor profile that fuses sweet and rich Strawberries with two Island staples, a refreshing Coconut and the sugary tang of Pineapple. Layered to perfection, the end result is a bright, fresh, sweet, and tangy concoction that never fails to satisfy.

GREEN BLAST- Experience a trio of expertly balanced flavors, combining the smooth and subtle sweetness of Honeydew, the crisp juicy tartness of Granny Smith Apple, and finishing with the bright, creamy, and zesty notes of Kiwi.

WARNING: This product can expose you to nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Authentic NAKED 100 E LIQUID 60 ML

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Available Options

All Melon - 0 mg
All Melon - 3 mg
All Melon - 6 mg
Amazing Mango - 0 mg
Amazing Mango - 3 mg
Amazing Mango - 6 mg
Azul Berries - 0 mg
Azul Berries - 3 mg
Azul Berries - 6 mg
Berry Belts - 0 mg
Berry Belts - 3 mg
Berry Belts - 6 mg
Brain Freeze - 0 mg
Brain Freeze - 3 mg
Brain Freeze - 6 mg
Frost Bite/ Polar Breeze - 0 mg
Frost Bite/ Polar Breeze - 3 mg
Frost Bite/ Polar Breeze - 6 mg
Go Nanas - 0 mg
Go Nanas - 3 mg
Go Nanas - 6 mg
Green Blast - 0 mg
Green Blast - 3 mg
Green Blast - 6 mg
Hawaiian Pog - 0 mg
Hawaiian Pog - 3 mg
Hawaiian Pog - 6 mg
Hawaiian Pog on Ice - 0 mg
Hawaiian Pog on Ice - 3 mg
Hawaiian Pog on Ice - 6 mg
Lava Flow - 0 mg
Lava Flow - 3 mg
Lava Flow - 6 mg
Lush Berry - 0 mg
Lush Berry - 3 mg
Lush Berry - 6 mg
Maui Sun - 0 mg
Maui Sun - 3 mg
Maui Sun - 6 mg
Really Berry/verry Berry - 0 mg
Really Berry/verry Berry - 3 mg
Really Berry/verry Berry - 6 mg
Sour Sweet Candy - 0 mg
Sour Sweet Candy - 3 mg
Sour Sweet Candy - 6 mg
Unicorn - 0 mg
Unicorn - 3 mg
Unicorn - 6 mg
Very Cool - 0 mg
Very Cool - 3 mg
Very Cool - 6 mg
Yummy Gummy - 0 mg
Yummy Gummy - 3 mg
Yummy Gummy - 6 mg
Straw Lime - 0 mg
Straw Lime - 3 mg
Straw Lime - 6 mg

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