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Blueberry Blast Smooth and delicious! Infused with loads of powerful blueberry extract for a full flavorful vapor with each and every puff. 

Boston Cream Pie - Sweet custard, creamy chocolate and vanilla cake flavors combine to create the delectable vapor.

Cherry Vanilla - Relive those treasured childhood summer memories of sipping a cherry flavored cola on the boardwalk every time you take a puff of the vapor.

Dragon’s Milk Feel like you can take on the world and breathe fire after you take a puff. Creamy vanilla is mixed with the freshness of juicy red strawberry extract in order to create the exotic flavor.

Fire Cured Tobacco - A flavor that will leave you with visions of extensive Virginian tobacco fields and summer bonfires! It’s carefully crafted to give you a full-bodied vapor that is highlighted by a hint of sultry fire cured tobacco. 

Hazelnut Dream - Formulated with a generous amount of high quality hazelnut extract in order to give it the sweet nutty flavor you have only dared to dream about until now.

Melon Madness - Mellow out and relax as you inhale and exhale the rich fruity vapor which has been specially formulated to give you a vapor that is boasting with the luscious flavors of cantaloupe and honeydew.

Menthol Ice - Designed to give you a fresh tingly vapor that will instantaneously awaken your senses upon the very first inhale. It's cool and it's icy but thank goodness it won't give you brain freeze!

Miami Dew - The impressively invigorating vapor provided by this high quality e-liquid tastes exactly like the most popular brand of lime infused lemonade soda.

Strawberry Banana - When you have perfectly blend strawberries and bananas, you get a really tasty treat! Here, the creaminess of bananas is contrasted with the sweet, juicy flavor of sun-ripened strawberries.

Tropical Guava - Sail away to a lush tropical paradise as you ride the wave of the sweet vapor which has been blended with just the right amount of guava fruit extract to give it a uniquely exotic flavor without being too overpowering.

WARNING: This product can expose you to nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Available Options

Beast Energy - 0mg
Beast Energy - 3mg
Beast Energy - 6mg
Beast Energy - 12mg
Beast Energy - 18mg
Berry Blast - 0mg
Berry Blast - 3mg
Berry Blast - 6mg
Berry Blast - 12mg
Berry Blast - 18mg
Boston Cream Pie - 0mg
Boston Cream Pie - 3mg
Boston Cream Pie - 6mg
Boston Cream Pie - 12mg
Boston Cream Pie - 18mg
Cherry Vanilla - 0mg
Cherry Vanilla - 3mg
Cherry Vanilla - 6mg
Cherry Vanilla - 12mg
Cherry Vanilla - 18mg
Dragon's Milk - 0mg
Dragon's Milk - 3mg
Dragon's Milk - 6mg
Dragon's Milk - 12mg
Dragon's Milk - 18mg
Fire Cured Tobacco - 0mg
Fire Cured Tobacco - 3mg
Fire Cured Tobacco - 6mg
Fire Cured Tobacco - 12mg
Fire Cured Tobacco - 18mg
Hazelnut Dream - 0mg
Hazelnut Dream - 3mg
Hazelnut Dream - 6mg
Hazelnut Dream - 12mg
Hazelnut Dream - 18mg
Mellon Madness - 0mg
Mellon Madness - 3mg
Mellon Madness - 6mg
Mellon Madness - 12mg
Mellon Madness - 18mg
Menthol Ice - 0mg
Menthol Ice - 3mg
Menthol Ice - 6mg
Menthol Ice - 12mg
Menthol Ice - 18mg
Miami Dew - 0mg
Miami Dew - 3mg
Miami Dew - 6mg
Miami Dew - 12mg
Miami Dew - 18mg
Peaches 'N' Cream - 0mg
Peaches 'N' Cream - 3mg
Peaches 'N' Cream - 6mg
Peaches 'N' Cream - 12mg
Peaches 'N' Cream - 18mg
Real Juicy Fruit - 0mg
Real Juicy Fruit - 3mg
Real Juicy Fruit - 6mg
Real Juicy Fruit - 12mg
Real Juicy Fruit - 18mg
Strawberry Banana - 0mg
Strawberry Banana - 3mg
Strawberry Banana - 6mg
Strawberry Banana - 12mg
Strawberry Banana - 18mg
Tropical Guava - 0mg
Tropical Guava - 3mg
Tropical Guava - 6mg
Tropical Guava - 12mg
Tropical Guava - 18mg

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