Grinder G Star 2.1 GSTAR1 - 50MM

About the Product

  • Package Includes: 1 - Red GSTAR Grinder
  • Ensure consistently even grinds with the heavy-duty premium GSTAR Grinder: finely grind your herb or tobacco with the grinder's solid metal teeth, which are then filtered by the 500-micron pollen screen. Magnets keep your grinder's lid securely in place to ensure smooth grinds and to prevent spills while you are grinding.
  • Contemporary design and a product that simply works – fast and easy grinding with a simple turn of the wrist. Requires no batteries and set up is minimal. Clean up is easy and your grinder comes with a pollen scraper.
  • Our grinders are designed for use with herbs, tobacco, and spices. Compact and sleek design keeps your grinds safe and secure, and makes storage easy. 

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Grinder G Star 2.1 GSTAR1 - 50MM

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