About Us

RCD Wholesale (Right Choice Distributors Inc) is a wholesale distributor startup which works in B2B (Business to Business) model, started in 2015 in Woburn, MA with a vision to provide better products & solutions to other businesses by using latest technologies.

What do we sell

We sell all General merchandise items which will be used by human beings in our daily life, Smoking accessories products and Vaporizer products which will be loved by smoking lovers.

Why you need to be our customer

If you are on this page then read on why you will be our customer

1. You will be amazed to see our product base

2. Visit our warehouse to see the products if you are around New England

3. You name it we are available there facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram, G+, Whats app messaging, email, phone and website

4. Follow us on social media to get notified of our latest inventory

5. Easy Buy and quick shipment and door delivery

6. Products are shipped next day and option to get same day shipping and delivery is available 

7. Last but not least we do door to door delivery

Who can be our customers

If you own a business which sell General merchandise or smoking accessories or Vaporizer having presense in Brick and Mortar or Online

How to Order

1. Walk-in at the following location and order to take advantage of our walk-in prices (Subscribe to our promotions by email or on whats app messaging or Catalog online)

226 W Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801

2. Call us and order we will ship next day or deliver to your address by next day 

781-537-6960 - Warehouse

773-727-1573 - Warehouse

3. Place order at your finger tips by visiting our website www.rcdwholesale.com

4. Send us an email at orders@rcdwholesale.com

Reach us at


  781-537-6960 / 773-727-1573